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Yaoi Evangelists
..... WORLD YAOI DOMINATION. And love on the side.
25th-Dec-2007 04:58 am - MERRYYY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!
A short message of:


A whole new year of joy yaoiness and love =)

From YaoiE!!!!

Everyone have fun!!!
8th-Aug-2007 03:30 am - Friends only....

Hey there everyone =), we know why you're here, cause we're here for the same reason. Our main would be sharing mangas. BL drama cd's, BL anime's subs and raws, BL novels and such will only be uploaded by request or interest. =D 
This might be a tad bit annoying, but not tedious. For certain reasons, this has to only be friends lovers only. To get links and love ^_^ you have to be approved in, this is to make sure people don't spam or do anything of the sort. Just comment and we'll add you in ^_^, not that we'd bite or anything, unless you want us to play seme, we would might comply. Also one must be 18 since this might definitely contain adult material... Although it sounds so hypocritical to my ears...

So please, go to userinfo, read everything (trust me, the commandments, 7 sins and creed need to be read XD) then, just paste this with info and
Comment, after that click Join Community :

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